3 Tips To Identify An Original Carpet

تشخیض فرش اصل از غیر اصل

In this article, we want to provide you with a few techniques to help you recognize original and high-quality carpets! Now let’s go on…

In today’s world, the variety of products is so high and many different brands, types, and designs of products have entered the market. Fake products which are often of low quality, but usually have a less price, are spreading everywhere. Carpet products are just the same. When buying a carpet, it’s important to look out for fakes. You need to be able to tell which product is original and which is fake because making a mistake can cost you a lot of money and you will end up with a poor quality product.

But you don’t have to worry. Whether you’re buying online or going to the store in person, with a series of information we will help you choose high-quality carpets.

The most important techniques to recognize original carpets

We begin the main discussion with a question, how do we know if a rug is original?

Before we answer this question, it should be said that various factors should be considered, including texture, appearance, raw materials, etc., to find out whether the carpet is original or not.

  • Identifying original carpets from their appearance

An original carpet can be identified by its appearance. If the carpet is machine-woven, both on and behind it should be flawless. No trace of rupture or repetition of the pattern should be seen on the carpet. Discoloration or color stains on the back or front of the carpet are not acceptable. Also, snags never occur in fine original carpets and if you see such things in a carpet then the carpet doesn’t have much quality. These signs should always give you the idea that the carpet might be fake and poor-woven.

If you have chosen to buy carpets online, be sure to check the carpets before accepting it from the post or shipping companies. If you see any problems such as the ones mentioned in this article, you should return the carpet to the store as soon as possible.

And if you are going to buy your carpet in person, you should check the carpet carefully and make a complete inspection of its texture.

  • Identifying original carpets from their number of reeds and density

The most famous machine-woven carpets available in the market, which are known for their number of reeds and density, are:

  • Carpets with 700 reeds and 2550 density 
  • Carpets with 1000 reeds and 3000 density
  • Carpets with 1200 reeds and 3600 density
  • Carpets with 1500 reeds and 4500 density

Note that the carpet’s number of reeds and density should always match this list. Otherwise, the carpet you receive may be fake and woven using old weaving machines.

Among these carpet types, there are two types that are less common in the market. They are 700 reeds carpets with 2100 density and 700 reeds carpets with 3000 density, which are usually not fake and are woven using new machines. However, we recommend that you buy common carpets with a certain density (which are mentioned in the list) to make sure.

Now, if you want to make sure of the authenticity of the carpet certificate in terms of reeds and density, you can check the number of knots in one meter of the width and length of the carpet. The number of reeds, known as transverse density, is actually the number of knots in one meter of the width of the carpet. Density, or longitudinal density, is the number of knots in one meter of the length of the carpet. Of course, you can count the knots in 10 cm of the carpet, and divide the number of reeds by 10. If the number matched the number of knots you counted, then the number of reeds written on the carpet certificate is real. This is the safest way to identify the number of reeds and density.

  • Identifying original carpets from their raw material

There is a large variety of raw materials used in carpets, but here are the best of them:

1- Pile yarn: the pile yarn makes up more than 70% of a carpet, so it’s very important. An original carpet is definitely woven with a high-quality pile yarn. The best type of fiber used for pile yarn is acrylic fiber. Acrylic fibers have different types, including heat-set, Turkish (double heat-set), and light. To distinguish acrylic yarn, you can simply touch the surface of the carpet.

2- Warp yarn: The best fibers used for warp yarns are polyester fibers, also known as artificial silk fibers.

3- Weft yarn: These yarns are usually made of natural fibers. Weft yarn can be woven with cotton or jute fibers, but cotton has better quality.

As a result, we can claim that one way to distinguish original carpets from non-original carpets is to check if the carpet is woven with acrylic, cotton, and polyester fibers. If it is woven with one of these fibers, the carpet has high quality and therefore is not fake.


When buying a carpet if you make use of the information shared in this article and notice all these factors, you won’t ever regret what you bought. So go on and find the best carpet that suits your taste! Good luck!