Terms and Conditions of Avisa Carpet Online Store

The use of the Avisa carpet online store requires accepting all the rules and regulations, which we will discuss in the following.

It should be noted that all rules and conditions are developed based on standards of the Electronic Commerce Development Center in the Ministry of Industry, Mines, and Trade and are therefore subject to the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

  • All the information about product specifications on this website is provided by Avisa Carpet Factory, and therefore the correctness or incorrectness of this information is the responsibility of Avisa Carpet Production Unit, and the store management will not take any responsibility.
  • All rights regarding product images are preserved and belong to Avisa Carpet online store, therefore we give no warranties for any other use.
  • Avisa Carpet Store does not take any responsibility for defects and technical problems created outside the management control (technical problems of telecommunications, Internet, hardware defects).

Avisa Carpet Order Registration Rules

All information received from customers to register and place an order in the Avisa Carpet online store is only at the disposal of the store’s database management and is not provided to any other person or organization.

To send products to the customers, Avisa carpet needs customers’ personal information, address, and destination details, therefore, the user or the customer will be obliged to fill in all the information of the order registration form accurately and completely.

There are two ways to buy products:

  • Cash payment method:

By selecting this method, the user must pay the full amount of the carpet online or by a receipt, and then the product will be sent. It should be noted that any defects in the banking system at the time of payment will not be borne by the Avisa carpet.

  • In-person payment method:

In face-to-face payment which takes place at the customer’s door, the user must first pay a deposit. The payment amount must be at least 30% of the total price of the product. The rest of the payment will be paid when the carpet is delivered.

Material and Intellectual Property Laws (Copyright) Avisa Carpet Store

All information posted on the Avisa Carpet online store website is uploaded by the Avisa Carpet content production and SEO team. Therefore, any publication or copying of text and image content from this store is illegal and includes legal prosecution.

Also, all products in the store are designed with specific images and texts, and the use of this information on other websites or stores is not acceptable at all and includes legal prosecution.

Publishing any false news and rumors about the Avisa Carpet online store without documents can be prosecuted.

Terms of guarantee and return of goods on Avisa carpet

Product guarantee includes as follows:

  • Any damage to the carpet or rug during shipping.
  • Any defect or rupture of the product that has occurred in the weaving operation and has been found out later.
  • Any problems in the carpet which are related to production.
  • Any damage resulting from the heat that has accrued during weaving or while sending the product.

Items that are not covered by the product guarantee include:

  • Any rupture during use
  • Any damage resulting from heat during use
  • Any decay due to improper storage at home

And what willv return the product back:

  • Any discrepancy between the registered design and the submitted design.
  • Any problems related to the online store.

It should be noted that any defects in the carpet, which will include a guarantee or product return, must be reported to the operators of the Avisa Carpet online store within 24 to 48 hours.

After this specified period, it is considered that the received product has been approved by you and the Avisa carpet will not take any responsibility for return or guarantee.