all you need to know about wholesales

sall thing you have to know about wholesale carpet

In fact, buying and selling carpets is done in 2 ways (wholesale and retail). Most traders and financiers buy carpets in bulk (wholesome). By buying wholesome carpets, these people, in addition to making huge profits, also contribute  a lot to the development and progress of the carpet industry

What you need to know about wholesales

What information do you have about wholesales business? Who buys and sells wholesales carpets? To answer this important question, follow us to the end of this article
As you know, carpets are sold in 2 ways (retail and wholesale). Since the sale of wholesome carpets is cheaper compared to the retail sale, most financiers and traders buy wholesome carpets and make huge profits by buying these carpets and selling them in retail. Kashan machine carpet is very diverse and beautifully produced and offered in the market. This diversity meets the needs of many countries for wholesale business of carpet

Export of carpets

Export of carpets

Traders and financiers not only make huge profits by exporting their machine-made carpets, but also contribute to the development of Kashan’s export carpet industry. These days, wholesale business of carpets is very important. It goes without saying that this work requires a lot of capital and not every person is able to do it

:Some benefits of wholesome sales in exporting are

With the wholesome sales of carpets, a large number of carpets at the factory price reach the financiers and by selling it, they make high profits-

Immediate delivery of the carpet compared to its retail purchase-

Saves time and money-

Another obvious advantage of buying and exporting carpets that can be mentioned is reducing the purchase price and selling export carpets at a great price-

kashan carpets

Single and wholesale sales of Kashan machine-made carpets is one of the best and most appropriate methods that eliminates intermediaries and shortens the hands of brokers, causing the producer and buyer to make more profit. Our group is a major manufacturer of export carpets of 6 meters, 9 meters, 12 meters and 500 reeds, 700 reeds, 1000 reeds, 1200 reeds and 1500 machine reeds with high density in extremely beautiful and stylish colors and
designs. This manufacturer and distributor of machine-made carpets is able to export its beautiful and high quality carpets to 18 different countries

Wholesale price list of Kashan carpets

Wholesale price list of Kashan carpets

Kashan carpet export due to its reasonable and varied price has encouraged many people to turn to Kashan for wholesale business of carpets and to buy their favorite carpet there. It is interesting to know that the export of Kashan machine-made carpets took place in Kashan at the time of the emergence of this unique product.

There is no doubt in the quality of Kashan carpets. This idea is supported by the fact that all manufacturers of Kashan machine-made carpets try to attract more customers by producing high quality carpets. Due to the fact that machine-made carpets have a lower price compared to handmade carpets, everyone in any part of the world goes to Iran and Kashan for the wholesome business of carpets. These days, Iran (especially Kashan) has become the main hub of machine-made carpet production. Kashan carpet has eliminated the domestic and foreign needs of the country due to its high quality products and is the second largest exporter of carpets. As we mentioned in the text above, we are able to send carpets to all over the world.

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