Everything you need to know about the purchase of exported carpets

Buying exported carpets

The export carpet business and its sale in Kashan is very prosperous, so that this city accounts for 80% of Iran’s exported carpet production. Kashan has been able to offer the best quality machine-made carpets to the world markets in its factories by employing experienced manpower and using the latest and most modern machines

How to buy exported carpets

How much information do you have about the major distribution of machine-made carpets and the purchase of exported carpets?

We are all aware of the fact that Iranian carpets have a lot of fans all over the world. Carpets are sent to all over the world through many Iranian machine-made carpet manufacturers. The main distribution of machine-made carpets by Iranian manufacturers is mostly to the Persian Gulf countries. Among these export carpet manufacturers, Kashan is one of the most important centers that manufacture machine-made and handmade carpets


Exporting all kinds of Kashan carpet

In Kashan, there are 5 industrial towns with more than 1,200 carpet manufacturers that are engaged in the retail and wholesale sales of machine-made carpets in Kashan and carry out major exports of carpets to 40 countries in the world. These carpets have a variety of designs and the carpets offered by Kashan carpet manufacturers are produced according to the taste of that country.

The city of Kashan accounts for about 80% of Iran’s carpet exports. These manufacturers use the latest and most modern machine weaving machines in their factories. Also, by employing experienced manpower in the field of machine carpet production, they are able to produce

carpets with unique and high quality and export them to all over the world. It goes without saying that textile products that are specific to the city of Kashan are very popular all over the world.

Every year, machine-made carpet manufacturers in Kashan participate in a carpet exhibition called Demotex, which is held in Germany, and offer high-quality carpets in this exhibition. These Iranian manufacturers are among the most famous carpet brands and their presence in this exhibition will help to introduce and promote export carpets and will encourage more people to buy export carpets

The difference between wholesale sales of machine-made carpets and retail sales of machine-made carpets

Machine carpet traders mainly wholesale export carpets from machine-made carpet factories. Wholesaling will cause the carpet to reach suppliers at a lower price because these shopkeepers buy in large numbers and directly from the factory itself, so it is obvious that the price is lower than retail buying a carpet. In retail carpet purchases, the price of carpets will increase due to the presence of brokers and intermediaries.

The reason for selling export carpets at a great price is its wholesale supply. As mentioned, since in wholesaling a large number of carpets are sold and they are supplied directly and without a broker and intermediary and the carpets are bought from the factory itself, the price will be much more appropriate. Another influential issue on the price of carpet is its quality. The higher the density and number of carpet reeds, the higher the quality of the carpet, and you
definitely have to pay more to buy a higher quality carpet

Wholesaling carpets

If you want to wholesale carpets online, you can visit the reliable websites www.avisacarpet.com, which are active in the field of selling Kashan machine-made carpets online, and see the wholesale price list of Kashan carpets produced. Do your shopping online because it is much easier to buy export carpets