Big Carpets


Avisa Carpet is one of the leading carpet manufacturing factories that produce different types of big-sized carpets.

Machine-woven big carpets are usually used in hotels, mosques, halls, and other places with big space. These carpets come in many different sizes. They cover large floors and make eye-catching décors.

Purchasing Big Carpets on Avisa Carpet Online Store

Large machine-made carpets can be produced in a variety of shapes. In Avisa Carpet Company we have no limitation for the production of carpets in different sizes and shapes, so you can order your customized designs for any décor.

Types of big-sized carpets are:

  • Big oval-shaped carpets
  • Big round carpets
  • Big rectangular carpets
  • Big square carpets

In addition to these types, as we mentioned before big machine-made carpets can be produced in customized shapes. Big polygonal carpet is a special example. In Avisa Carpet Factory, all carpets are woven using the best knitting-machines, so they have a high texture quality.

All these carpets feature great density and a high number of reeds so they are closely similar to handmade rugs. Using an experienced professional team, Avisa Carpet produces the most unique designs and patterns fitting every taste and floor.