All you need to know about purchase of export carpets

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How is export carpet purchase?

How much information do you have about the machine-made carpet wholesale distribution and the export carpet purchase? The purpose of this article is to acquaint you with machine-made carpet export and wholesale carpet purchase.

We all know that Iranian carpets have many fans all over the world.

Sending carpet to all over the world is done through many Iranian machine-made carpet manufacturers. The main distribution of machine-made carpets by Iranian manufacturers is mostly to the Persian Gulf countries. Among these carpet exporters, Kashan carpet export is one of the most important centers in the production of machine-made and handmade carpets.

فروش و صادرات فرش ماشینی

Different kinds of Kashan carpets export

In Kashan, there are 5 industrial towns with more than 1,200 carpet manufacturers engaged in Kashan machine-made carpet single and wholesale sales, and they export carpets in bulk to 40 countries in the world. These carpets have a variety of designs. The carpets which are offered by Kashan carpet manufacturers are produced according to the taste of that country, which they send carpet.

Kashan accounts for about 80% of Iran’s carpet exports. These manufacturers use the most modern weaving machines in their factories. Also, by employing experienced human resources in the field of machine carpet production, they can produce carpets with unique and high quality and export them all over the world. Also, the textile products that are specific to Kashan are very popular all over the world.

Every year, machine-made carpet manufacturers in Kashan, participate in a carpet exhibition called Demotex, which is held in Germany, and offer high-quality carpets in this exhibition. These Iranian manufacturers are among the most famous carpet brands. By attending this exhibition, they will help introduce and promote export carpets and encourage more people to export carpet purchases.

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The difference between wholesale sales of machine-made carpets and single sales of machine-made carpets:

Machine carpet traders mainly buy export carpets from machine-made carpet factories in bulk. Export carpet purchase in bulk will cause the carpets to reach suppliers at a lower price because these shopkeepers buy in large numbers and directly from the factory itself, so it is obvious that the price is lower than buying a single carpet. In single carpet purchases, the price of carpets will increase due to the presence of brokers and intermediaries.

The reason for selling export carpet at great prices is its bulk supply. As mentioned, the purchase of this type of carpet in bulk because they directly get the carpets without a broker and intermediary buys the carpet from the factory itself, the price will be much more appropriate. Another influential issue on the price of carpet is its quality. The higher the density and number of carpet combs, the higher the quality of the carpet, and you have to pay more to buy a higher quality carpet.


Wholesale carpet purchase

If you want to buy carpets in bulk online, you can visit the reputable sites, which are active in the field of selling Kashan machine-made carpets online, and see the wholesale price list of Kashan carpets produced.  and they do your shopping online if it was affordable. export carpet purchase is much easier in this way. Also, in order to see our products and special designs you can visit us right in our company with this address: Avisa Carpet Company, Hekmat 33, Qutb-e Ravandi Blvrd, Kashan, Iran

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