Suitable Carpet For Kitchen

فرش مناسب آشپزخنه

Suitable carpet for Kitchen

If you want to buy a kitchen carpet, the first thing you should do is to find useful information about the type of carpet you need. We know a thing or two about carpets! So the following is what we think may help you decide:

Perfect carpet for kitchen

As professionals in the field, we recommend two user friendly carpet types for your kitchen. The first type is the new 1200 reeds carpets. There are a few reasons why we suggest these carpets. One basic reason is that these carpets have a very light weight, around 9 to 10 kilograms. In addition, 1200 reeds carpets have a high pilling resistance, so that the piles on these carpets hardly exceed 7 millimeters.

Next point is that this type of carpets is dustproof; therefore the carpet does not show much dirt. There is no problem if you like to buy a carpet with bright colors for your kitchen, but try to choose between richly patterned carpets including floral designs which are also multicolored. These types of carpets usually hide stains very well.

If you have a dining table and chairs in your kitchen, we recommend that you use carpets larger than the space your table and chairs occupy. This way, your carpet sits under the dining table and chairs.

Modern carpets are another type of carpet which suits your kitchen well. These carpets are available in 1.5 by 2.25 meters and they can beautifully decorate your kitchen if you choose them wisely.

Carpet for small kitchens

Before buying your kitchen carpet, think about the carpet size and type of texture which suits you. Since kitchen carpets are highly prone to dirt, stains and traffic, you have to be more careful in choosing them. Typical size for this type of carpet is 1.5 by 2.25 meters which is economical in price, and in terms of room-size the carpet can fill your kitchen area. If you’re not a fan of cooking, you have the opportunity to pick bright colored carpets for your place. However, if your kitchen is a highly trafficked area you should preferably pick dustproof carpets with lighter colors.

New kitchen carpets

Ever since Turkish rugs and modern rugs entered the market, many customers have decided to use these types of carpets for their kitchen area. Some customers never show interest in Ardakan carpet patterns for the kitchen floor but when it comes to modern carpet patterns, they get totally obsessed. This is because modern patterns can help bring color, warmth and change to your kitchen area and you can easily match these carpets with your furniture.

Best carpet for kitchen

Carpets that work best for kitchen are the ones that have short fibers. There’s a reason why. Carpet fibers catch a lot of dirt in kitchen and you probably don’t want to go into trouble of cleaning your carpet regularly since it can sometimes become a very time-consuming job.

Another important issue in choosing the best carpet for your kitchen might be the weight. The lighter a carpet is your job in cleaning and moving the carpet is easier.

The most difficult part in selection of an ideal carpet may be its ability to match with your flooring and furniture. This is complicated special task which obviously requires the work of a professional team. Accordingly, Divan’s customer support and sales team can provide you with free advice and consultation to choose excellent carpets on your demand.